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Our Price Match Guarantee To You

Shop with confidence and peace of mind at Healthcare safe in the knowledge that if you find a product cheaper elsewhere online, we'll match it, even if you’ve already purchased the item from us.

Just call us on 0800 0248 520 with the relevant details and we will happily match the price or refund the difference if you have already purchased the item(s) from us.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Applies to the UK only.

  2. Only applies to Current Stock.

  3. Private sellers or Auction sites do not apply.

  4. Products can only be matched with other products that are not on sale or if the discount can be retrieved through a discount code.

  5. We will only match prices on identical products, including size variations and quantity.

  6. Price match refunds where the product has already been purchased and shipped will be honoured up to seven days from date of dispatch.

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